Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chicken and Waffles

Andy and I are members of a house church that meets in our neighborhood. This is definitely a new experience for us, but God has been faithful to show us this is where we belong. Because we meet in homes, we have the privilege of eating a potluck meal together each week. This is our month to host our group, which means that I plan the theme for the meals. One of our friends suggested we have chicken and waffles today. Several folks signed up to make waffles, and we had traditional slightly sweet ones as well as some savory beer-flavored ones. My contribution was the fried chicken. I had planned to make my usual recipe but replaced the panko with a little cornmeal in the flour dredge. The texture of the cornmeal was a delightful addition. Everyone agreed that the chicken-and-waffle experiment was tasty—I think we’ll have them again. Enjoy!

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