Monday, August 10, 2009

Pesto Grilled Cheese With Bacon and Tomato

I worked late tonight and needed a dinner that would be ready in a snap. Also, things were hectic this weekend, so I didn't make it to the grocery store on Saturday and I have limited ingredient choices. Grilled cheese is always a good option. Here's how I made this main-dish worthy. As a side, I made homemade french fries (with a handful of ones from the freezer). Enjoy!

Pesto Grilled Cheese With Bacon and Tomato
4 slices sourdough bread slices
6 provolone cheese slices
1 tomato, sliced
6 bacon slices, cooked
2 Tbsp. butter, melted

1. Spread pesto on one side of 2 bread slices. Cover pesto with 1 1/2 slices provolone, 2 tomato slices, and 3 bacon slices. Top with 1 1/2 slices provolone and plain bread slice. Repeat procedure with remaining bread slices. Brush melted butter on outside of sandwiches. Grill, on both sides, until cheese melts and bread is toasted and golden.


Bowlby said...

Oh, wow! I enlarged the sandwich picture, and I'm drooling over the strand of cheese hanging off the sandwich. YUM!

Jen B. said...

Oh my word...this looks magnifico!!! Please make this for me next time I come over...tomorrow for lunch? Sure, that's fine!